Packsize works with businesses across the globe to reduce the waste and cost of packaging. Because they work primarily with businesses, they needed to find a way to reach consumers and spread the word about their product. Since consumers are the ones who actually receive goods packaged from Packsize, this company wanted a way to influence consumers to be more environmentally-minded and demand better packaging from any company that ships product. (A chair-sized box to ship a gift card? Seriously?)


We decided to build a new microsite targeted specifically toward consumers. This was done with the intention of integrating the social media campaign with the new microsite. The microsite used the latest technology and gave consumers several opportunities to be informed about packaging waste and its negative effects on the environment (yes, 30% of all trash comes from packaging). Through social media platforms, consumers were encouraged to submit photos and videosof bad packaging. Viewers could vote for the best submission, and there were prizes every month. The combination of microsite + social campaign gave way to some fantastic results.




Because of our efforts, we saw more than 3,000 visitors to the green packaging petition in the first months. We had people even submitting “thank you” notes to the Facebook page (see below) for Packsize’s efforts. Consumers became more aware of Packsize, and some even began to encourage companies to use their services. Facebook visits were up 750% from the previous year, along with a 67% increase in LinkedIn referrals.


social media feedback


With the help of Leadgenix, Packsize is connected to a brand new demographic and continues to spread the good word of green packaging and environmental responsibility. They not only connect with businesses who care about responsible packaging, but also with the consumer who cares.