NordicTrack is an industry leader for exercise equipment. Despite the brand awareness they now enjoy, when we were working to enhance their online marketing presence in early 2010, they didn’t even have a Facebook page! In addition, they wanted to rank for numerous keywords relating to exercise equipment.


NordicTrack was one of the biggest national campaigns we ran (literally). Among others, our target keywords included phrases such as “treadmills,” “ellipticals,” and “exercise bikes.” We implemented our SEO efforts to increase their traffic and rankings for all phrases across the board. We also created their Facebook page and Twitter account because they had no social presence whatsoever.



According to SEOMoz, the aggregate keyword difficulty level of our keyword strategy was 57. To shed some light as to what this means, a more long-tailed keyword such as “criminal attorney in Henderson” has a keyword difficulty of 26, while something much more competitive like “SEO” has a keyword difficulty of 87.

Even with a competitive keyword strategy like this, we provided great results. Over the course of 14 months, we had an average increase of 55 positions in Google, and 72 positions in Bing.

The track record of our results looked like this:


As if treadmill promotion wasn’t enough, we also did SEO for NordicTrack promotion codes. The many NordicTrack enthusiasts searching for discounts on these fine machines found all of our results in the #1 spot in Google after only a few months.